Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to increase ecommerce website profit margin

Do you have a ecommerce website or Blog?

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You can create multiple types of campaigns including slide-in, lightbox, polls & survey, floating bars etc

The campaigns for lead capture, discount & coupons,polls & survey, bundle & trial offers, events & coaching,promoting & selling products etc.

And you can deploy it on your ecommerce website or blog using multiple triggers such as when a visitor clicks on a particular link (text, image or button), about to leave your site (exit-intent),visits a specific page, came from a specific country, landed on your site from a specific url, stays on your site for a certain amount of time and much more

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Maximisez votre revenu de réaliser vos rêves ! Devenir un trader Forex formé avec guidage gratuit

Maximisez votre revenu de réaliser vos rêves ! Devenir un trader Forex formé avec guidage gratuit

Devenez Trader


Si vous ne parvenez pas a visualiser cet, cliquez-ici


Profitez d'un marché de plus de 3200 milliards d'€uros avec votre Guide pour Débutants Gratuit!

Découvrez pourquoi des personnes du monde entier tradent régulièrement

sur le marché Forex.

Notre guide gratuit vous donnera des informations utiles sur le marché Forex,
des astuces, des techniques et des outils pour l'ouverture de transactions réussies.

Cliquez ci-dessous pour découvrir comment recevoir votre guide gratuit

dès maintenant!


En cliquant ici, vous acceptez de partager vos coordonnées avec iFOREX (Cyprus) Ltd.

•  iFOREX est le nom commercial de iFOREX (Cyprus) Ltd., autorisée et régulée par la Commission des titres et des changes de Chypre (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission - CySEC), sous le numéro de licence 143/11.

•  Le risque de pertes impliqué dans les transactions ou la spéculation sur le marché des devises ou les autres marchés financiers peut etre considérable.

•  Le trading sur devises étrangeres, indices, matieres premieres et options binaires n'est pas adapté a tous les investisseurs du fait que les monnaies, les marchés ou les matieres premieres sont susceptibles de fluctuer en fonction des conditions du marché. Veuillez prendre le temps de réfléchir afin de vous assurer que le trading vous est adapté, tout en prenant en compte toutes les circonstances pertinentes, ainsi que l'état de vos ressources personnelles. Ne spéculez qu'avec les fonds que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez consulter notre clause d'avertissement des risques.

•  Le haut degré d'effet de levier obtenu dans le trading de transactions hors-bourse (off-exchange transactions) peut agir a la fois a votre avantage, et a votre désavantage. L'effet de levier peut mener a des gains, comme a des pertes.

•  Avertissements.

Friday, June 12, 2015

How and why to choose GetResponse Landing Page

This is How and why I have choosen GetResponse Landing Page. It's automated and no scripting required. The video link shows how easy it is to create great landing pages for your offers and promotions like a professional in minutes. Forget coding to build your site or paying extra for the mobile version, just follow the step-by-step instruction and it will be live in minutes. From now being a layman you can create yourself a beautiful and informative landing page which is responsive i.e. your landing page will look good both on desktop and mobile. Automatically.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Flipkart Offer - Best of Amazing Offers

Flipkart Electronics Sale - Super Hit Deals on Mobiles, Home Appliances, Tablets + Extra 10% OFF on Axis Bank Cards and More Amazing Offers

Dear All,

Please check the Flipkart offers below:

You can also follow this link and find best options

Please forward to all your known to avail best prices (detailed below).

S Chakraborty

Electronics Sale: Bumper Offers on Mobiles, Large Appliances, Tablets, Fashion, Home & More

Dear Partner,
Starting today, we have launched ELECTRONICS SALE (25-26 MAY). All the consumer promotions on during this sale, amplified with a high impact TV and print advertisement.

The major offer details are mentioned below:

Bank Offer (25 May - 26 May):
1) Flat 10% instant discount on ALL orders of Rs 4,999 or more using Axis Bank Debit/Credit Card(s)
  • 10% instant discount is valid between 25th May, 2015 (00:00 hrs) till 26th May, 2015 (23:59 hrs)
  • Maximum discount per card will be Rs 2500
  • The Offer is applicable on purchases made from ALL Sellers on Flipkart
  • The offer is NOT applicable on purchase of Flipkart e-Gift Vouchers
  • This Offer is applicable on transactions/orders done on Flipkart's Website and Mobile Application without any exception
  • This offer will be applicable over & above all the other on-going deals listed below

1. MOBILES [Valid till 26th May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]

2. ELECTRONICS & HOME APPLIANCES [Valid till 26th May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]

3. TABLETS [Valid till 31st May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]

4. HOME FURNISHING & DECOR [Valid till 26th May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]

5. HOME & KITCHEN APPLIANCES [Valid till 30th May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]

6. BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE [Valid till 31st May, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]


8. AUTO ACCESSORIES [Valid till 30th June, 2015 (23:59:59 hrs)]


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Flipkart Team

Friday, May 22, 2015

How to multiply your investments by 400 times

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We can show you how to multiply your investments by 400 times.

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The risk of losses involved in the transaction or speculations in the foreign currency market or other financial markets can be considerable.

Discover how A Trader turned $400 into $2331


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Discover how

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$400 into $2331*

My name is Nikhil Shenoy and I would like to welcome you to iFOREX.

Every year iFOREX gives traders unique trading tools, according to their accounts. This year, one tool was given to Zaheer D, who started trading only 9 months ago. Due to his success he decided to share a few of his techniques that led him to become a currency trader:


What motivated you to become a currency trader?

As a person who is always looking for new investment possibilities, I decided to try Forex.

I was shocked to find out that I could learn this field without any prior experience.

Why did you choose to trade with iFOREX?

iFOREX offered me exactly what I needed to begin trading. When I began, they gave me

a $5,000 demo account and a unique 1-on-1 training session to understand the basics of the market. In just less than one month alone, I managed to make $1108.

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* Trade was based on the following data:

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